Host a Student Intern

RTHS continually seeks businesses and organizations to host our students in one to six 90-minute internships during the academic year. Hosting an intern provides valuable learning experiences for our students and valuable service to your organization. By hosting an RTHS intern, you will support our students and school in the following ways: 

  • Demonstrate how academics are connected to the work of the "real world"

  • Expose our students to varied career fields and jobs

  • Instill in our students valuable 21st century skills

  • Inspire a new generation of workers to explore and pursue the career that you love

  • Show teenagers that they are capable of doing real work that matters to organizations and their community


We are looking for internship sites for:

  • Service: demonstrate for our freshmen and sophomores the powerful role your organization – and they – can play in helping their communities

  • Shadowing: open our sophomores to new experiences and enable them to explore life in your industry

  • Expertise: work with our juniors and seniors in their chosen "Area of Focus" to deepen their understanding of your field and support them in producing real work for your organization (beginning in 2014-2015)


To become an intern host or to learn more about our program, please contact Pamela Blizzard by email or call 919-998-6757.