About Us

RTHS is an independent public charter high school, which is a technical way of saying that we are accountable to the state and the public, don’t charge tuition, and welcome all applicants. We see school differently. We see a place where the walls keep out the cold, not the world. We see a place where what a student does is more important than where the student comes from, where success is rewarded but the effort that provides it is cherished. We see a place where students work together to construct within and between themselves the skills and habits an uncertain future requires. We seek to move students from dependent to independent learners; from receivers to creators of knowledge. We offer an unconventional way of experiencing conventional knowledge through experiential learning, and we bring the science of RTP into the curriculum. We ask a lot of our students but have built the support structures needed to help them reach the high bar. We bring an entrepreneurial spirit to proven educational practice and current research, seeking to build a school that changes the lives of its own students as well as helping other schools to change theirs.