Applied Math Curriculum

Following is a brief overview of our flex day to Counter Culture Coffee's bean roasting and production area.

Subject – Common Core Math I or Algebra I


Common Core State Standard:

Number and Quantity (N.Q.1)

Use units as a way to understand problems and guide the solution of multi-step problems.


Lesson Objective:

Students will use algebra to plan the factory production for the day that maximizes efficiency.


Lesson Plan: 

  • Students will learn about the coffee roasting process after touring the Counter Culture Coffee facility.

  • Divide the students into groups and assign each group a type of coffee to roast and bag.

  • Students will use algebra to determine the amount of green coffee that should be added to each roaster to produce their assigned coffee.

  • Students will take the amount of green coffee needed and determine the roasting time, the roasters they will use, and the amount of green coffee that will go into each roaster.

  • Students will take the amount of coffee produced and determine the bagging time.

  • Students will present their production time line to the production team.  The presentation should include the amount of green coffee that will be added to the roaster, the roasting time, which roasters will be used, how much green coffee will go into each roaster, and the bagging time.



Counter Culture Coffee Daily Production Chart.doc

CCC Entry Brochure.doc

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Introduction to Counter Culture Coffee, Melissa Gresham