College Advising

The mission of the RTHS college advising program is to provide a student-centered college search process beginning in a student’s freshman year. We strive to assist each student in identifying colleges that best match their interests and abilities and are committed to helping our students and their families navigate through the college admissions process.



RTHS’ college advising program is a member of both SACAC (Southern Association of College Admission Counselors) and NACAC (National Association of College Admission Counselors).


College Advising FAQs



The College Advising Program reaches out to students and parents to personalize the college search and application experience. From classroom visits to individual appointments, students have the opportunity to gain information and ask questions. We also encourage our students and families to utilize Naviance Family Connection to begin exploring colleges as early as in the spring of their sophomore year.


In freshmen year, our seminar curriculum works with students to develop good study and organizational habits, as well as providing education on calculating a GPA and time management skills. Students are encouraged to explore their interests through extracurricular activities and community service. Freshmen students begin viewing college websites or looking through the vast amount of view books that we have in our college library. All students complete 4 year plans to begin mapping out their high school course selections, and all students take the PSAT in October.


Sophomore students are encouraged to stay focused on school and maintain their participation in extracurricular activities and service. We encourage our sophomore students to visit at least one college. To help with this goal, RTHS intends to facilitate visits to local colleges to increase access for our students. Sophomore students use the results of the October PSAT and PLAN tests to focus their preparation for the SAT and ACT.


In junior year, students and families will begin utilizing Naviance to enhance their college-search process. In addition to classroom visits by the college advisors, students will meet individually with their college advisor to personalize the college-search process. A variety of college admission representatives will be visiting campus to meet our students. We hold College Information Nights for students and their parents.


Helpful College Links

Beginning in junior year, students and families are encouraged to use Naviance to explore career options based on their identified interests, search for colleges and apply for scholarships. Visit Naviance for more information. Our College Code is 343289.



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Transcript Request

Official transcript requests must be made in writing. If you need an official copy of your transcript, please email Mrs. LeMay or Mrs. Cook. You can find additional information on the student services page.


Information for College Representatives

RTHS is very interested in exposing our students to a variety of college options and welcomes college representatives to visit our campus. If you are interested in scheduling a visit, you can find us on Rep Visits. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Overman by email or phone at 919-998-6757. Our students look forward to meeting you!


RTHS School Profile

Sarah Overman

Director of College Advising

Becca Haque

Associate Director of College Advising