Enrollment Process

Welcome class of 2020!



I. Forms Required for Enrollment - PRINT SINGLE SIDED ONLY!


Page 1 of the document below, “Enrollment Package”, is a checklist. Please use this as your 

guide as you gather documents and fill out forms. After you have gathered all of the 

documents and completed all of the required forms; a parent must bring the complete package 

to the RTHS front office staff between 9:15 am and 3:15 pm. The package will be reviewed at 

that time. The original or certified copy of the birth certificate and the parent ID will be verified 

and returned to you (we will keep the copy you provide).


Enrollment Package - all docs


II. School Policies


These policies must be read by the student and parent prior to signing the Policy/Release 

Signature Page (#12 on the checklist):


Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Student Handbook


III. Technology Requirements


                IT Requirements


IV. Course Guide


Please use the course guide as you fill out the Course Registration Form (#17 on the 



Course Guide 2018-2019




TRANSPORTATION    pw=jurassic

We STRONGLY encourage families to get into or form a carpool or to ride the TTA buses to and from your nearest downtown station. Please review the options below. Over 20% of our students ride the bus daily, and 40% ride it at least once a week. We provide any student and staff person who wants it a TTA GoPass for access to every bus in the Triangl.There is limited room for carpool access at our new site, so start your plans now to share the ride!

Other Helpful Info