Our goal is to graduate young people prepared for college-level studies, and able to demonstrate the 21st century skills that Research Triangle Park (RTP) companies seek. We have chosen the “flipped” method of instruction specifically to enable all who attend RTHS to achieve those goals. 


The flipped classroom model changes the way we think about homework. Homework at RTHS is made up much more of viewing and studying teacher video-lectures, and taking notes and developing questions on those lectures, leaving class time for supervised problem sets, projects, labs and activities. However, flipping does not ultimately change the basic paradigm of learning, which is that students must work in order to learn.


Students should expect to spend up to 90 minutes outside of class each day preparing for their next day’s classes. Seminar time provided during the school day enables students to complete some work or review their playlists during school time. TTA buses also feature wireless Internet access, so students have travel time during which they can complete homework. But every student should expect to meet the expectations of college-preparatory learning by dedicating time each evening to preparing for each class for the following day.


To put it another way, students who are successful at RTHS:

  • Use seminar time to complete homework

  • Meet with tutors outside of class

  • Take extra instruction in AP Bio or AP World Civilizations (in 9th grade, for example)

  • Engage with hands-on material and apply what they've learned

  • Collaborate on group projects daily

  • Ask questions and show curiosity

  • Actively commit to 90 minutes of daily homework

  • Accept extra help when under grade level

Keys to Student Success