Families - An Integral Part of RTHS

Parents and guardians, grandmas and grandpas, are a welcome and key part of our RTHS commmunity on many fronts. First and foremost, families encourage their students to work hard and be engaged at our school. Every parent, no matter how busy, can perform this key role. Providing structured time for homework, and insisting on a regular sleep schedule are also key.  


But parents also make RTHS 'run' in a hundred different ways, both large and small. Families have moved all of the furniture into our current building, for example, on several of our 'Move All The Things!' days. Parents and guardians drive all of our students on Flex Days, when half the student body heads off campus for in-depth experiences. Parents speak and judge and tutor and mentor inside the school, for on-site Flex Days and for clubs and sports. Parents bake, and sell lunches, and treat the faculty to sweets. Guardians build sets and hang lights and move chairs and raise money  for Drama productions. Parents chaperone dances! 


We need our committed parent and guardian volunteers for all of this and a hundred things more. Charter schools uniquely need more from their families, as they receive less from the State. We are very lucky at RTHS that everyone regularly steps up and provides all of this, for this school, for their students, and for everyone else also!