Is RTHS Right for You?

Students who want to learn and are willing to work for that learning are successful at RTHS. Students come to RTHS this year from 63 middle schools across 10 counties. Literally! The ones for whom RTHS is the best fit are those who want to learn new things in new ways – and some new things in old ways. We are, after all, still a school! Students who are willing to try what is asked of them, to engage with their teachers and peers, who want to learn how to solve problems and how to define problems – these are the students who can take advantage of what we have to offer at RTHS. Our students come to us with a broad differences in past ability. We are a community of learners with quite varied backgrounds. Those who are willing to work hard to close any gaps between their past and present – by working with our tutors, staying after school to get extra help from their teachers, staying on top of their homework and turning all work in – will be able to take on the challenge of an RTHS education.  And those who are ready to go further than they have before in school - to learn from RTP STEM experts and Triangle arts and humanities experts, to learn from experiences blended with their studies – will find RTHS a truly engaging and rewarding place to learn.