“I like the environment in our school. I’m comfortable here because I have teachers that care about me. I don’t feel left out; I feel like a regular student. You can be yourself here, and it helps me prepare for a more positive future. It’s challenging in a good way.”

A student from Neal Middle School

“I like being able to take notes on my own at home (while watching Flipped videos) because then I don’t have to slow down in class.  I’m able to take in more information that way.”

“After this experience, I feel as though I am able to better appreciate the concept of 'group work' that is expressed at RTHS. This is because after witnessing the labs for me, it is evident that agreeing and getting along during a study will make the project less complicated. I think the biggest [academic] gain for me was learning more about bone structure and cellular mutation; this knowledge came from the Lab shadowing. After my involvement with the SHARP program, I feel as though I don’t have to wait to carry out some of the research and experimentations that have been dominating my mind so heavily.” 

A UNC SHARP intern

“I like RTHS because the labs and the hands-on activities we do in class are really fun.”

“I really like the teachers because they’re all like really nice and really cool and they really understand that we are teenagers. They really care about us doing well. Everyone here cares a lot, because they get to know us. The atmosphere is really awesome. I really like how we’re a new school, so we get to set what the school is like, what the social atmosphere is. We get to make our own.”

“I like how they offer AP classes or options – we had AP Biology and AP World Civ last year (9th grade). And we have (students independently studying) AP Chemistry this year."

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