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Families are encouraged to either join carpools or use the TTA buses for transportation to RTHS. Both are extremely reliable and economic methods for transit to school.


Carpool Route

Research Triangle High School has developed a traffic plan designed to help ensure the safety of RTHS students and patrons of local businesses. It is essential that all members of our school community comply with the carpool routes displayed below. Thank you for your cooperation.


Morning Drop-off/Afternoon Pick-up

Drivers should follow the route displayed below, keeping to the right, until reaching the front of the school and stopping for pickup. When finished, drivers will exit from the same location they entered. All drivers must turn right out on to NC-54.


Triangle Transit Authority Regional Buses

Many of our students ride Triangle Transit Authority buses to and from the school. The TTA serves Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. The PTSO organizes and communicates this information for new families each summer. The TTA buses are uniformly suited to convenient travel, being on-time, clean and well-lighted, heated and cooled, and having wireless Internet service on board. Information, including smartphone apps for bus schedules and route planning, can be found at Go Triangle and Triangle Transit Authority.


RTHS students who choose to use the bus will be given a GoPass which allows for free rides between the school and any other location they serve (for school travel only). Students who ride are subject to TTA rules and regulations as well as school standards for behavior. GoPasses can be revoked at the school’s discretion for violation of either TTA or school rules. TTA ridership rules are here:  Triangle Transit Authority Safety Brochure.


Visitor Parking

Visitors to the school may park in any of the unnumbered spaces located on the west side of the school (facing NC-54) and must check in at the front office before going to any other school facilities. Please avoid parking in spaces on the east side of the building near the loading dock as this area is utilized for classes and athletics.