Volunteer Opportunities

The philosophy of RTHS is to include authentic resources in its curriculum and instructional methods, be they scientists, parents or parent scientists. In addition, parents are considered partners in their student's learning and their participation in both the learning and the success of the school are critical. Parents with experience in this level of involvement will be recruited, and parents without this experience will be courted and encouraged to become involved in ways that fit their family circumstances.


The school will be open to a wide variety of contributions from the full spectrum of parent abilities. This means that we will be looking for people who can pipette or lead a research project, and we will just as importantly look for people who can clean, paint, find furniture and scrub it, manage lunch duty, volunteer at the front desk, help support arts programs, coach athletic teams, and garden in a farm-to-school food program. If you have a talent, at RTHS there is probably a place for it - and a need for it!


If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please contact the PTSO.