An introduction from Eric Grunden, Chief School Officer

Please feel free to view our School Report Cards on the links to the left.  

  • For 2018-2019 RTHS received a "B" (82) for its School Performance Grade.  The report card has not yet been released.

  • For 2017-2018 RTHS received a "B" (82) for its School Performance Grade. 

  • For 2016-2017 RTHS received an "A" (86) for its School Performance Grade.

  • For 2015-2016, RTHS received an "A" (86) for its School Performance Grade.

  • For 2014-2015, RTHS received a "B" (76) for its School Performance Grade.

Please view the Principal's Welcome Letter.

The students and faculty of Research Triangle High School are happy to provide for you this window on what we think makes a modern, creative, and caring school. The State Report Card will tell you some of the important statistics about RTHS, but it hardly tells the interesting parts of that tale.

RTHS was founded in 2012 to increase access to globally competitive STEM education. We choose to do that by teaching our students that knowledge is less important than what you do with knowledge. The world is awash in information, and the wealth of the future lies in what creative and innovative application of that knowledge our graduates can apply.

We don’t believe that knowledge is contained in a classroom. Our educational program leverages access to the world through both traditional and newly minted means: a blended environment that mixes the immediate attention of a smart and caring classroom teacher with digital resources that provide opportunities for students to creatively capture and process knowledge. Our goal every day is to provide engagement for students with knowledge. Our school is built around the “flipped” model of education, in which teachers deliver content knowledge outside of class so that students can practice, apply, and build on what they have begun to learn. If our lessons end where the teacher finishes, then we have not been successful.

The Research Triangle Park was founded to incubate innovation in science and technology. It seemed a natural place to start a high school designed to find novel ways to nurture and grow students’ love of learning.